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“The Far Side.” Mountain Life Magazine. July 2015.

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“Mount Namuli is unlikely to be notched on any mountaineer’s bedpost. As mountains go, it isn’t extremely high or steep. The 2,419-metre granite monolith in northern Mozambique can’t even boast an iconic horizon line like Argentina’s Mt. Fitz Roy or Switzerland’s Matterhorn. If anything it calls to mind an ancient ruined fortress looming above surrounding rainforest and grassland, its lopsided summit most often obscured by clouds.

The Lost Mountain Project is the brainchild of New Hampshire-based climber, guide, author, and filmmaker Majka Burhardt. Having climbed and guided all over the world, Namuli would not present Burhardt with her most technically challenging ascent, but it would deliver its own more daunting problems…”

Feature article on the Lost Mountain (now called LEGADO). Words by Ned Morgan.