May 16, 2016

Harald, Maude, and the Himba: A letter to the twins

Dear Harold and Maude,
I know, I’d promised new names. We will get there—we still have five weeks to come up with them. Five weeks until you launch yourselv […]

November 14, 2009

Common Denominator

tape gloves
The trouble with having a blog is a sudden desire to take basic elements like your decision to go to Africa with shoes that suddenly feel too small, […]

September 14, 2009

Left, Right in the Road

Last week, I left Jackson. I’d lived there just long enough to have a hard time leaving. I’d lived there just long enough to call it a home, though, to othe […]

August 26, 2009

Vertical Homesteading

Home In Namibia, Photo by Peter Doucette
–In collaboration with Petzl, check out the good things, and the good people who make that company one of the be […]

June 11, 2009

Namibia Video 2: Southern Crossing in Action

A video short from Chris Alstin at

Namibia Video 2: Southern Crossing from Majka Burhardt on Vimeo.

June 9, 2009

Waypoint Namibia: Big Walls, Desert Mirages, and Perseverance in the Darmaland and Beyond. *

Majka Burhardt on Southern Crossing, 5.11+, V. Photo by Peter Doucette.
On June 1st, Peter Doucette, Kate Rutherford and I completed Southern Crossing: a 1300-f […]

June 9, 2009

Namibia Video 1

What it Takes to Want a First Ascent
[vimeo 5076356]
Namibia Movie 1 from Majka Burhardt on Vimeo.

June 5, 2009

First Ascents, Returns, and Expectations. Namibia 7

Southern Crossing, 5.11+, V, Brandberg, Namibia. Photo by Peter Doucette.
“Was Namibia everything you expected it to be?” my friend Kyle asked me this morni […]

May 11, 2009

Purple Flying Skies. Namibia 5

People here call Namibia “Easy Africa.” The roads, when they’re tarred, are great. You can get a fully kitted out 4X4 with bed linens and a lantern. You c […]

May 5, 2009

Rick Dees’ Top 40, All The Way To The Granite. Namibia 4.

Antananarivo, Noola, Luanda…or Windhoek?
I’ve been in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, for 48 hours—just now longer than it took to get here.  […]