Namuli | Film

Research. Climb. Conserve. Namuli is a community-backed film about the spirit of exploration and what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists set off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least-explored and most-threatened habitats. The film follows an international crew as they push the bounds of friendship, climbing conventions, and scientific research on the 2,000-foot … Read More

Blind Runners | Film

Blind Runners | Documentary Film Blind Runners is a 23-minute documentary featuring the 2013 Accelerate Ethiopia, an initiative that produced 179 runners in Ethiopia’s first ever trail race, 871 successful sight restoring surgeries, 1 new library to serve 500 primary school students and a 1000-person rural community in the heart of Northern Ethiopia.  Accelerate Ethiopia was a partnership between Himalayan … Read More

Passion Portrait | Video

“Passion Project Profile: Majka Burhardt Professional Climber.” April 2015 By Little Outdoor Giants

The Road is Kind | The Lost Mountain Music Video

“The Road is Kind.” The Lost Mountain Music Video This music video is in honor and support of the Lost Mountain Positive Tracks Next Gen Initiative: youth philanthropy through physical action in the outdoors. Featuring our Positive Tracks Ambassadors Charlie Harrison (19) and Grant Bemis (23). Read more about LEGADO— formerly called The Lost Mountain. Namuli, the film, premiered in 2016 at … Read More

Searching for Thick | Film

Climbing in Armenia. 2013 Film By Rogel Media, Written By Majka Burhardt. Patagonia climbing ambassadors Majka Burhardt and Kate Rutherford take their vertical pursuit to Armenia.

Waypoint Namibia | Film

2010 Film Directed by Chris Alstrin and Produced by Majka Burhardt In May 2009, a small team of rock climbers departed for Namibia with two goals: to find a way up an unexplored face, and to find a way into a deeper understanding of southern Africa. At the heart of their trip lies the question, can adventure and culture combine … Read More

The Continuum Project | Film

Alstrin Films Movie Featuring Majka Burhardt. 2010. The Continuum Project follows some of the world’s best climbing talent around the globe to document bold new routes and daring repeats on ice, rock, and in the alpine. Shot entirely in High Definition, watch as Guy Lacelle, Audrey Gariepy and Mathieu Audibert establish terrifying new ice routes in Norway and Rob Pizem … Read More