Blind Runners | Film

Blind Runners | Documentary Film Blind Runners is a 23-minute documentary featuring the 2013 Accelerate Ethiopia, an initiative that produced 179 runners in Ethiopia’s first ever trail race, 871 successful sight restoring surgeries, 1 new library to serve 500 primary school students and a 1000-person rural community in the heart of Northern Ethiopia.  Accelerate Ethiopia was a partnership between Himalayan … Read More

Decision Making with Intuition | Interview

Decision Making with Intuition with Majka Burhardt. MtnMeister Interview. August 2014. Listen Below | View on MtnMeister “Really good decisions that end up launching big things are ones where you’ve used intuition to guide you every step of the way.” [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Huffington Post | Profile

“Professional Climbers Aid Scientific Discovery in Southern Africa.”Huffington Post UK.  June 8th, 2014. View Online It’s not everyday that you hear of world-first rock climbing ambitions meet with scientific research on the same perilous face in Southern Africa. But for a group of professional rock climbers and international scientists, Mozambique’s Mt. Namuli set the stage for such a collaboration – … Read More

Delta Sky Magazine | Essay

“Surfing in Sayulita.” Delta Sky Magazine. June 2014. Download PDF “I’ve spent seven of the past 12 months on the road, climbing granite spires in Norway, speaking about Ethiopian coffee in the Netherlands and producing an adventure, science and conservation film project in Mozambique. My travels take me many places, but hardly ever to the beach. So in December I stuffed four bikinis into a carry-on and booked … Read More

Climberism | Women of the Northeast

“Women of the Northeast.” Climberism Magazine. Issue #21, February 2014. View Online  (Profile and cover image) “It was love and climbing that brought Majka from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Intevale, New Hampshire. If you want to get technical, her first day of climbing was at age six during Adventure Day at Camp Ajawah in Wyoming, and she was motivated by hot … Read More

Google | Video

Authors@Google Series Majka’s September 5th, 2013 Google Talk.

Why Can’t I Be You | Profile

“Why Can’t I Be You: Majka Burhardt.” Rookie Magazine. September 2013. View Online “Last year, I was scooping up a pile of mail off my porch, and my neighbor’s Patagonia catalog slipped open to a picture of a strong-looking woman scaling a giant rock face, free-climbing. In the caption, the climber was identified as Majka Burhardt. I squinted at the photo … Read More

Outside Magazine | Feature Article

“Miracle Miles.” Outside Magazine. September 2013. View Online | View PDF What do you get when you combine six eye surgeons, thirteen runners, six educators, two nonprofits, 871 cataract patients, 63,00 students, two of the fastest men on the planet, and one trail race in the remote highlands of East Africa? Outside’s Editor Chris Keyes’ feature article on Accelerate Ethiopia, a race produced … Read More

Delta Sky Magazine | Essay

“Johannesburg with Majka Burhardt.” Delta Sky Magazine. July 2013. Download PDF  “I’m a professional climber and filmmaker fixated on the intersection of culture and environment. Africa is my home away from home, and when I’m lucky enough to have Johannesburg on my travel docket, I make sure to carve out time to get grounded in South Africa’s friendliest big city. Getting … Read More

Delta Sky Magazine | Essay

“Bozeman with Majka Burhardt” Delta Sky Magazine. December 2012. Download PDF | View Online “I’m a professional rock climber and ice climber, but the reason I’ve tried to live in Bozeman (twice) has to do with the skiing. Montana is one of my favorite winter playgrounds, and when I’m not going vertical on frozen waterfalls, I head to Bridger Bowl for dreamy downhill … Read More