Alpinist High Camp | Profile

Go East. January 2010. View Online “The first time I visited New England, it wasn’t by choice. I was asked to guide for the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Festival. Then I stuck around and realized the ice was good. Really good. I was intrigued by how many ice lines were there, and by how much I wanted to get serious … Read More

Climbing Magazine | Profile

“International Trad Technician.” 2009. Download PDF “ ‘Trad climbing is the perfect merger of brain, body, and heart,’ says Majka Burhardt, 32, of Colorado. Her love of that trifecta has lead Burhardt to develop new routes in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Colorado. But the first cliff at which Burhardt climbed was Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota, during her summer camp’s Adventure Day … Read More

The Continuum Project | Film

Alstrin Films Movie Featuring Majka Burhardt. 2010. The Continuum Project follows some of the world’s best climbing talent around the globe to document bold new routes and daring repeats on ice, rock, and in the alpine. Shot entirely in High Definition, watch as Guy Lacelle, Audrey Gariepy and Mathieu Audibert establish terrifying new ice routes in Norway and Rob Pizem … Read More

Princeton Alumni Weekly | Feature Article

DREAMJOBS: The Rate Race. The Grind. Princeton Alumni Weekly. March, 2007. Download PDF “Now, climbing is Burhardt’s profession world, professionally speaking, with her work split into three occupations: climber, writer, and guide. Foundations and gear companies support her climbing excursions, magazines pay her to write about her trips and other stories she encounters, and when she returns home to Colorado, private clients … Read More