I Can’t Go to Ethiopia This Year, Can You Instead?

IE-2012-Logo-FinalThis October, a powerful, engaged, and curious team is heading to Ethiopia to both change the world, and change how they interact in that world. Usually, I’d be joining them. But this year I need you to take my place.

Imagine Ethiopia 2012 is the third iteration of a dream I helped create in 2009 with imagine1day. Our goal was simple: enable others to have their lives profoundly affected by Ethiopia by enabling them to profoundly experience Ethiopia.  For the past two years I have co-led trip with Sapna Dayal and a select team of other leaders. Together we have created an experience blending culture, adventure, and connection along with an initiative to raise $100,000 to build schools in Ethiopia. This year’s school is in the Alose Community in Oromiya.

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 11.37.03 AMI can’t go on Imagine Ethiopia 2012–I will be in Mozambique for my Lost Mountain Project. But you can. Here is how:

Go Yourself

In support of  imagine1day‘s big goal for all
Ethiopians to have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030, a Dream Team of 14 participants will be heading to Ethiopia this October. Together,

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 11.37.16 AM

the Dream Team will unite around a goal of raising $100,000 to build a new school & provide access to quality education for one of imagine1day’s partner communities. Facedwith a big goal, participants will discover how their passions and talents combine as catalysts for a new form of

contribution. Once the funds are raised, the fruits of the Dream Team’s labor will culminate in an epic, awe inspiring, world changing, shake it up, transformative adventure.

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This is Your Year. Apply to Join the Dream Team for theImagine Ethiopia trip thip fall. Check it out and see if you’re game for the adventure of a lifetime– both locally and globally.


Go Virtually

Support the Dream Team in reaching their $100,000 to build a school in the Alose Community, Oromiya, Ethiopia.  DONATE

Want More Reasons?

  • This year’s trip includes astonishing new territory in The Bale Mountains where participants will experience a new landscape and adventure (horseback riding, warthogs, nyalas and more)
  • This year’s team will join imagine1day as they break ground on a new partnership in with the Sinana District Education Office in Oromiya
  • Participants will have the opportunity to meet imagine1day’s Class 2016 High School Scholarship students and their families – a unique program that sets parents up with small business funding and training to support their children’s high school educations
  • There is already and incredible mix of participants – from a 400m Olympic hopeful from LA to a lawyer from Vancouver, to a teacher from Cincinnati

It’s time. This is your year.

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