Coffee Story: Ethiopia | Book


A food crop. Its nation. Their new future. A Tale from Ethiopia, the Country Where Coffee Began.

208 Pages | Hardcover

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Author: Majka Burhardt 
Editor: Matt Samet 
Illustrator: Steve Holt 
Illustrator: Molly Holmburg 
Photographer: Travis Horn
Photographer: Helmut Horn 

It’s the twenty-first century and Ethiopia, in the global consciousness, is shedding its history of drought, famine, and war. It’s doing so by embracing the heritage and potential of its defining crop, coffee, a plant first accounted for in legend more than three thousand years ago and that now ranks among the world’s ten most-valued commodities. Coffee Story: Ethiopia is the recounting of that process: a visual and narrative tale of opportunity, resources, education, and tradition.

Author Majka Burhardt’s prose weaves its way into the fabric of the Ethiopian coffee story with precision, humility, and curiosity. The result is both informative and illuminating. Coffee Story: Ethiopia is a unique co-venture by US-based Ninety Plus Press and Shama Books, an Ethiopian publishing company. It is thus the only coffee story that is both about and from Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s coffee story unfolds through photos, vignettes, and extended captions that allow easy entry onto any page. Coffee Story: Ethiopia also transcends the bean itself to explore Ethiopia’s larger landscape and peoples.

Coffee Story: Ethiopia features elegant photography by Travis Horn and Helmut Horn, original artwork by illustrator Molly Holmberg, and elucidating guest essays from leaders in the coffee industry. This book proves an invaluable addition to the library of the coffee professional, the coffee consumer, and anyone interested in this ancient plant and in exploring Ethiopia’s territories and lore.