Life on the Edge of Adventure—
and Motherhood

By Majka Burhardt

About the Book

An intense and emotional epistolary memoir by one of the world's top ice climbers, born at the confluence of motherhood, adventure, career, and marriage. 



“A professional rock climber shares the challenges of maintaining her career after becoming a mother.  In this epistolary memoir, Burhardt relays the emotional challenges of becoming a mother while attempting to retain a sense of her own identity. Raw, passionate, and stinging.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“Majka gives a beautifully honest account of the questions and inner dialogue so many people face with motherhood. For anyone questioning the balance of adventure and parenthood and marriage, More offers a sincere look into how to unwrap the past, present, and future.”

—Beth Rodden, mother and top American rock climber

“An insightful and heartfelt view of what mothering looks like for an ambitious outdoor athlete. Written in the form of a journal for her kids, More is an entertaining read for anyone, and a must-read for anyone considering parenthood.”

—Tommy Caldwell, professional climber, environmental activist, and New York Times–bestselling author of The Push

“How do you, as a diehard climber and mountain guide, navigate the maelstrom of being a new parent and sustaining a marriage when both partners are also wedded to a life of adventure? As Majka Burhardt reveals in her searingly honest epistolary memoir, you don’t. You simply make it up as you go and hope to survive, much like you would on a serious alpine climb. More portrays this whole messy reality—with humor, beauty, and an unsparing eye for the visceral details.”

—Matt Samet, author of Death Grip and former editor of Climbing

“Majka’s writings not only made me laugh out loud, but I was impressed by her willingness to share her most vulnerable inner thoughts and fears as a mother during this critical time of political, social, and environmental turmoil. This series of letters offers an insightful perspective about how our intense love for our children can enable us to do what’s best in the face of all the challenges of life and the frequent messiness of motherhood.”

—Lynn Hill, climbing legend, mom, and El Capitan free-climbing pioneer