Legado is a global venture that protects the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems by working hand-in-hand with the people who call them home

Legado was founded to address the growing need to create conservation solutions that put mountain people at the center of preserving the world’s most threatened and most biodiverse mountains— the water towers of our world.  In 2010, professional climber and social entrepreneur Majka Burhardt was sent a photo of a granite rock face in northern Mozambique. Majka’s curiosity about what was behind and beyond that rock face ultimately led to a May 2014 expedition with an international team of biologists, climbers, conservation workers, and filmmakers who collaborated in an exploration of Mozambique’s second highest peak, Mount Namuli. The expedition spent a month conducting cliffside scientific and conservation research and fieldwork, using rock climbing to access previously unexplored habitats.

The 2014 expedition and a 2011 reconnaissance expedition were the catalysts to develop Legado.

What started in the most remote and biodiverse mountains of Africa’s Great Rift Valley is now spreading across the globe. Today, backed by the world’s most influential conservation funders and decision-makers, Legado deploys an innovative and holistic approach to address complex conservation challenges to result in what we call “Thriving Futures,” when thriving people live in thriving places.

How Thriving Futures Are Built By Legado

Why Sky Islands? Sky Islands Are
The Water Towers
of Our World
Legado protects the most biodiverse mountains in the world—Sky Islands. We do this by working hand in hand with mountain people, like the Napalakues, to chart a legacy for their families and their future.

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Legado and our Sky Island programs are supported by a variety of generous funders, corporate partners, and private donors.

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