Expanding Your Horizons | Climbing Magazine

“Expanding Your Horizons: Getting the Most Out of Guided Climbing”. Climbing Magazine. Annual 2006. Download PDF “Let’s say you’re brand new to climbing and can’t wait to get started. Or, let’s say you’ve got some experience, but want to become a better climber. Maybe you know the basic systems, but want to learn how to move over a new medium (rock, ice, or … Read More

An Organic Change | Delicious Living

“An Organic Change.” Delicious Living. September 2005. Download PDF “I never eat airplane food. Instead, I stock up on snacks at the local natural foods store to tide me over until I reach my destination.When I’m too rushed to go shopping first, I subsist mostly on water and dream of my favorite quinoa salad…”

Meet in the Middle | Dandelion

“Yes, You Can.” Dandelion/Women’s Adventure Essay. November 2004.  Download PDF “My mother has never eaten a PowerBar. Somehow she has managed to get through seven cross-country bike trips, 11 triathlons, and six marathons without developing a taste for anything other than Oreos. Eight years ago on our first cross-country bike ride together, I watched her eat more than 15 Oreos a day while I stuck to Banana … Read More

Wherever You Go | Womens Adventure Magazine

“Wherever You Go, There You Are: Navigation.” Dandelion/Women’s Adventure. July 2003. Download PDF “I’ve heard that adults, when blindfolded, will walk in a circle, thinking they are going in a straight line. Recently, I went on a solo hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and inadvertently tested this theory. Halfway to Long’s Peak, my intended destination, I found myself standing on frozen Mills Lake … Read More