Majka Burhardt has a passion for creating unusual connections. As an author, professional climber, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, Majka has spent two decades exploring the globe—usually by hand and foot—and her stories of challenge, humanity, and the fine line between extreme and acceptable risk inspire and challenge audiences around the world.

Majka is the author of Coffee Story: Ethiopia and Vertical Ethiopia: Climbing Toward Possibility in the Horn of Africa and Executive Producer of  films Waypoint Namibia and Namuli. She is the founder and executive director of Legado, where she works to protect the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems by empowering the people who call them home. Legado originated during a pioneering climbing and conservation research expedition to Mozambique. Curious how to say her name? It’s “My-ka.”


Majka’s latest venture designed to foster a future where people and ecosystems thrive. Together.

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Impact, inspiration and passion from over two decades of personal experience on change leadership, teamwork, intuition, and global capacity.

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When climbing as a threesome means you don’t get the middle…
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