Freedom of the Hills

Climbing Magazine July 2019 Women guides uphill battle to succeed in male-dominated industry. View the PDF to read more.

Cleanest Line | Essay

“And Then There Were Two” The Cleanest Line Blog, July 2017. Read Online “Sometimes I wish I could make it easier on all of us and want less. I wish I could take climbing and the elation and lust and risk that accompanies it out of our family picture. In our newfound time, we could make kale cupcakes, hand-sew your … Read More


Climbing Magazine, December 2017 A story of climbing, granite, and complex history in California’s Needles, featuring photos of Majka Burhardt. “When, in the early 1980s, Tony Yaniro attempted to free the splitter of Pyromania, I was blown away by how difficult the climbing looked from my belay. Yet the route went free, and was well within Tony’s range. He climbed … Read More

The Cold Blue Yonder

Steeped in lore, these seven ice lines are true Northeast gems Majka Burhardt (leading) and Caroline Gleich approach the top as the weather closes in. On a rare day a climbing team can pack tools away here and hike for the summit. More often, however, in cresting the top of the ravine, you are met with Mount Washington’s crippling combination … Read More

Climbing For the Greater Good

by Ian Ferguson photos by Gabe Rogel From African alpine jungles to frozen waterfalls in New England, climber Majka Burhardt is comfortable on any vertical terrain. Now she’s using her skills to protect an ecosystem and the people who depend on it. Download the PDF to read more.

Namuli | Film

Research. Climb. Conserve. Namuli is a community-backed film about the spirit of exploration and what happens when a team of rock climbers, biologists, and conservationists set off on an unconventional expedition into one of the world’s least-explored and most-threatened habitats. The film follows an international crew as they push the bounds of friendship, climbing conventions, and scientific research on the 2,000-foot … Read More

Mountain Magazine | Feature Article

“The Far Side.” Mountain Life Magazine. July 2015. View Online | View PDF “Mount Namuli is unlikely to be notched on any mountaineer’s bedpost. As mountains go, it isn’t extremely high or steep. The 2,419-metre granite monolith in northern Mozambique can’t even boast an iconic horizon line like Argentina’s Mt. Fitz Roy or Switzerland’s Matterhorn. If anything it calls to mind … Read More

Gaining | Alpinist Magazine

“Gaining.” Alpinist Magazine. June 2015. Read Online | Download PDF “Cold calling has its place. In 1996 I saw a picture of Kitty Calhoun climbing a dazzling ice wall in an exceptionally fetching one-piece suit, and I decided she and I should climb together. Never mind that I was twenty and had never summited anything harder than Pyramid Peak in … Read More

Blind Runners | Film

Blind Runners | Documentary Film Blind Runners is a 23-minute documentary featuring the 2013 Accelerate Ethiopia, an initiative that produced 179 runners in Ethiopia’s first ever trail race, 871 successful sight restoring surgeries, 1 new library to serve 500 primary school students and a 1000-person rural community in the heart of Northern Ethiopia.  Accelerate Ethiopia was a partnership between Himalayan … Read More