Whipped: Finding Your Better Half

“The Search for the Perfect Rope (mate).” Climbing Magazine Column. April 2004. View Online  |  Download PDF “You wake up to your alarm at 6:30 a.m. Your dog hears the buzzer and jumps in bed to make his wet nose your second reminder. You have a date today — this morning, in fact. At 7:45 you are meeting a new climbing partner at the local coffee shop and you … Read More

Wherever You Go | Womens Adventure Magazine

“Wherever You Go, There You Are: Navigation.” Dandelion/Women’s Adventure. July 2003. Download PDF “I’ve heard that adults, when blindfolded, will walk in a circle, thinking they are going in a straight line. Recently, I went on a solo hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and inadvertently tested this theory. Halfway to Long’s Peak, my intended destination, I found myself standing on frozen Mills Lake … Read More

Vantage Point: The Feng Shui of Alpinism | Climbing Magazine

“Let Chinese Wisdom Turn You Into an Alpine Ace.” Climbing Magazine Essay. June 2003. Download PDF “When in the mountains, I try to stack the odds in my favor. I have the sharpest crampons and the best energy food, I wait for the most impeccable weather forecast, and I always bring my pocket guide to feng shui . . .”