Patagonia | Essay

“The Middle.” Patagonia. January 2016. View PDF It was 8:45 p.m. when Gilbert made the announcement. “I have something to tell you,” she said. These were the first words she’d spoken to me since I’d seen her an hour before when I set off to lead an ice-choked crack that gave way to a rime-covered slot. Her head had just … Read More

Backpacker Magazine | Essay

“Norway’s Lofoten Islands: Where the sun never sets, the adventure never ends, if you can keep up.” Backpacker Magazine. June 2014. Dowload PDF |  View Online Slideshow “It’s 11 p.m. when I shoulder my daypack, step out the door of a red-shingled fisherman’s cabin, and head into the sunshine toward the mossy, tundra-covered granite coastline of the Norwegian Sea. A … Read More

Backpacker Magazine | Essay

“Hidden in the Shadow.” Backpacker Magazine. May 2014. Download PDF “I’m a New England newcomer with only two years under my belt, which means that most New Hampshire chipmunks have more local status than I do. Luckily, I married into North Country authenticity. When I’m looking for the best hike—without squeezing into the ever-popular AMC huts—I look no further than … Read More

The Comeback | Climbing Magazine

“The Comeback.” Climbing Magazine. February 2014. Download PDF | View Online “Vipers look a lot like sticks. That’s a thought you never want to cross your mind when climbing. But 20 feet off the ground, with a broken puzzle of loose rock below me and a deadly Armenian viper slithering out of a perfect finger jam above me, it was the … Read More

My Favorite 5.10 | Rock and Ice Magazine

“My Favorite 5.10: Diedre, Cathedral Ledge, NewHampshire.” Rock and Ice Magazine. February 2014. Download PDF “My favorite 5.10 is one I can only climb, well, 50 percent of the time. Two years ago I moved from Colorado to New Hampshire, where you can’t just climb 5.10 in the dry perfection of fall, you have to be able to climb it … Read More

Roots & Ritual | Selamta Magazine

“Roots & Ritual: Coffee and Culture in Ethiopia.” Selamta Magazine. November, 2013. View Online | Download PDF “Entrenched in the forested flanks of Ethiopia’s Amaro Mountains, I sat down for a cup of coffee with a seventh-generation leader of the Messa tribe, Marsha Aday. We convened outside his regal earthen home, with a dizzying vista of overlapping wild coffee trees toppling … Read More

Origin | Book

ORIGIN was featured exclusively at Starbucks’ stores in the winter 2013/2014. Get more details here. 

Testing the Waters | Backpacker Magazine

“Testing the Waters.” Backpacker Magazine. August 2013. Download PDF | View Online My second thoughts about the wisdom of embarking on a four-day, father-daughter paddling trip start at the Magalloway River put-in outside of Errol, New Hampshire, before our canoe even gets wet. I set my water bottle in the stern and throw Dad’s in the bow. He walks over … Read More

Delta Sky Magazine | Essay

“Johannesburg with Majka Burhardt.” Delta Sky Magazine. July 2013. Download PDF  “I’m a professional climber and filmmaker fixated on the intersection of culture and environment. Africa is my home away from home, and when I’m lucky enough to have Johannesburg on my travel docket, I make sure to carve out time to get grounded in South Africa’s friendliest big city. Getting … Read More

Delta Sky Magazine | Essay

“Flightgeist, Las Vegas.” Delta Sky Magazine. March 2013 Download PDF “One of the top outdoor recreation areas in the country sits 17 miles west of the Vegas strip. The Spring Mountains boast big peaks, inspiring hiking trails, approachable mountain biking and some of the best rock climbing in the United States. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the gateway … Read More