The View Thus Far. Namibia 6.

We have less than two weeks to spend in Namibia and my mind is trying to add more, not less. Kilometers pass like miles on narrow dirt roads. I pass landscapes I do not have time to explore and trade them for those I believe I want more.

I make mental pictures of what to return to when I am 60, 70, 80. Will I remember these turns? Will I be able to track myself backwards? This is the downside of a year and half of planning. It’s wanting to do too much. The upside of the actual adventure? It breaks it down to what is possible. Automatically. Categorically. Guaranteed.

Zebras, blown tires, 101-degrees in the sun, granite, lion tracks, dust, luggage on wheels, managed conservation, climbing gear in packs, four Kelly-green ropes, crumbling faces, camels, meat shares, Egyptian geese, too many pieces of fleece, avian chimneys, granite traverses, face climbing, springbok, washboards, limestone, basalt, headdresses cloaked in butterfat and ochre, and wireless internet for an evening in Uis, Namibia.

We’re trying to add in a 1000-foot scalloped granite alcove and a coast.

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