December 11, 2012

Winter Call (Summer Ski Apology)

Dad (Kris Burhardt) and Majka Day 1 outside of El Bolson Argentina
I am not a hoarder. Or at least not of material things. But I might have to confess to being […]

May 3, 2012

Alaskan Lessons of Honest Skiing

Peter Doucette heads up to get a down. Photo by Majka Burhardt
Fourteen years is thirteen too many to go between visits to Alaska. I sensed that every year that […]

April 15, 2012

Post Post

Kate Rutherford and Majka Burhardt, Red Rocks 2012
It’s always hard to write about rock climbing when you are ripping powder in a new bowl, or to write about […]

April 29, 2011

So That’s What You Mean By Fat

Turn Madness in the Adamants, BC
An Additive Adventure Entry In Conjunction and Osprey Packs
It’s hard not to like powder. It’s even har […]

January 21, 2009

Styling Your Life

I’m living in North Conway, NH this winter. It freaks my mother out. She thinks I am going to move here, permanently. She looks at the numbers: 47th in fundin […]

December 23, 2008

Holiday Break for the Unbreakables

It has been over three years since I spend more than three days without doing something productive or additive. These days, if I climb for more than two days in […]

March 14, 2008

Snowmobile Drag Race Cancelled

When I was a kid, skiing was more important than anything in the world. I’d wake up and suit up in hand-me-down red racking pants from my cousin Mark and a pi […]